Increase Agility

Importantly, resource is available as and when you need it. Therefore, there are no delays in expanding capacity or any wastage of unused capability. Equally importantly, you only pay for the resource that you use.

Saves time and increases efficiency

The underlying physical hardware supporting IaaS is set up and maintained by Inoapps. As a result, you can concentrate on your core business and making IT a strategic partner for the organisation.

Improves flexibility

Ultimately, Oracle Cloud Platform enables you to shift infrastructure costs from capital expenditure to predictable operational expenses.


Location independence

The service can be accessed from anywhere using the internet, so long as the security protocol of the cloud lets it.

Future-proofed solution

With automatic upgrades, you no longer need to worry that your IT will become obsolete.

No single point of failure

The multitude of hardware resources means that, should one aspect of the service fail, the service will be unaffected.

Reduce costs

With IaaS, you can experience up to 33% total cost savings.

Find Out More

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